Workers Compensation Rates are Increasing

Higher costs, yes.  But, YOU can do something about it Workers compensation rates are rising in response to increased costs and lower than expected investment returns.  On the surface it’s another cost we cannot control and for General Trucking and Warehousing, it amounts to an increase of just under 10%.  An increase of roughly double … Read More

Road Safety at Work Launches The First Employer Workshop With Trucking Safety Council of BC

On Monday, November 18, the Road Safety at Work group hosted their first Employer Workshop in Langley with the Trucking Safety Council of BC (TSCBC). The informative workshop was presented by both Angelina Robinson and Rick Walters. The two presented information for developing a road safety program and even engaged participants with a group activity. … Read More

Did You Realize That You Just Became an Employer?

As employees, we do not really concern ourselves with workers’ compensation premiums and assessments. That’s the boss’s job. However, at home it is easy to cross the line and become an employer yourself, and that means you have a boss’s responsibilities. Most people do not realize that when hiring contractors, or other help around the … Read More

Are YOU Ready?

Winter is here, ready or not. Okay, you are a professional. You’ve done this many times. So why did things go so wrong this time? This is a question that far too many drivers ask themselves each year, while they wait for a tow truck, or an ambulance. Your level of preparedness for any given … Read More

Will this Regulation Affect You?

Did you know that WorkSafeBC is in the process of drafting regulations to govern the design, operation, maintenance, and inspection of roll-on/roll-off containers? The regulation is being drafted in response to an incident involving the structural failure of a waste container. The investigation of the incident revealed that there are no regulations that govern how … Read More

Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

WorkSafeBC’s new Bullying and Harassment policies will take effect on November 1st, 2013. These policies will require all employers in BC to take steps to deal with potential bullying or harassment in their workplaces. Watch the video below to see what this all means. More information and resources are available on the WorkSafeBC website. What … Read More

The Jurisdiction Jungle

The world of safety laws, regulations, codes, and standards is a jungle. In the trucking industry, the jungle is even thicker, as drivers must cope with regulations governing vehicle safety, driving performance, dangerous goods, and occupational safety. What is more, those standards and their enforcement can change from province to province or be in force … Read More

Fog is no Excuse for Accidents

Foggy conditions are common in British Columbia. Therefore, drivers in BC need to know how to drive in the fog. Limited visibility is the most obvious result of fog. This can make it hard for motorists to see schoolchildren, road construction workers, and pedestrians at intersections. The poor visibility can also contribute to reduced reaction … Read More

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