Health and Safety Programs

Health and safety programs in the workplace can be a challenge to most employers during the development phase. Most employers are uncertain of when an OHS program is required and what elements it must contain. In case employers are not aware of where to find the answers, some of the information in the Workers Compensation … Read More

Orientations – How much is enough?

Orientation is the process of introducing new, inexperienced, young, or transferred workers to the workplace, job, and known hazards. The term “orientation” is tossed around casually but do you really know what you are saying when you use it? You have legal responsibilities around orientations, so it makes sense to know just what you are … Read More

Strategies for Working Alone

Working alone is dangerous due to the potential for a lack of response in the event of an emergency. Employers need to do their part to protect workers who are in isolation from their coworkers or the general public. This includes a long list of employees from retail all the way to warehouse workers. An … Read More

What does compliance look like?

We have discussed how to locate regulations on the WorkSafeBC website, but knowing what the regulation says does not always make it clear what needs to be done.  Don’t worry, they have so much more help available and it’s easily accessed.  Let’s start by heading to the WorkSafeBC main page. The link to the regulations … Read More

No Horseplay in the Workplace

Employers have several responsibilities in the workplace that could overwhelm any manager or owner. It’s no wonder that most large employers hire health and safety professionals to take on such tasks as coordinating worker orientation, safe work procedures, protective equipment, and many more. Employers who effectively manage their health and safety responsibilities often have a … Read More

Due Diligence? Have I done mine?

Everyone uses the words, but what does “due diligence” really mean? Usually, when something goes wrong, those responsible defend their action or inaction by saying, “I did my due diligence”. This is another way of saying they did everything possible to prevent the incident. So, if you had to say that you did your due … Read More

If there is no injury do you still have to investigate?

It’s no surprise that every employer in BC will have to conduct an investigation after a serious injury or structural damage. But what happens if an incident occurs without any serious injury or structural damage to report? Are employers still required to conduct an investigation? The answer is yes. If there could be any possibility … Read More

Can you see it now?

“What’s Wrong with This Photo” is a great safety activity for everyone WorkSafeBC publishes a great many resources to help promote safety but one of my favorites is always a challenge. Every issue has a “What’s Wrong with This Photo” contest that looks at all sorts of jobs. The idea is to locate and describe … Read More

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