Easy Guide to Cardio Training

By Daniel Palmer on November 1, 2017 Some guys have a bad habit of spending way too much time on weights, and not nearly enough time on the treadmill. We get it – you want to max your workout time, and a half hour on the bike or rowing machine sometimes just doesn’t feel … Read More

Mentorship Program

There are several perks to being a member of SafetyDriven – TSCBC. Take the mentorship program for example. SafetyDriven advisors are industry experts and offer you their knowledge and experience for free and in confidence. SafetyDriven advisors are ready to answer questions from employers, managers, and owner-operators. Below are some of the benefits of our … Read More

How to Get Drunk, Not Fat

By Adam Bisby on November 7, 2017 We’ve all been there: you just spent a couple hours at the pub, and on the walk home some kind of invisible force pulls you, kicking and screaming, toward a 24-hour pizzeria, fast-food restaurant or hot dog stand. OK, maybe it was your late-night appetite that practically … Read More

Got Them Apps?

Parking used to be a pain in the behind for truckers. As technology has gotten better over the years, it has improved the lives of truck drivers. Some apps one can download are simply brilliant. Take, for example, the Park My Truck App and the Trucker Path App. Both can be downloaded from the App … Read More

New Notification Process for Missing Commercial Vehicle Drivers

BCTA 2017-10-23 14:04 BCTA and fellow trucking associations across Canada now have a coordinated process for sharing notifications from members in the rare case when a professional commercial vehicle driver goes missing on the job. Missing Driver Notifications are a community service BCTA developed for members as well as non-members in the motor carrier industry, … Read More

What is Strength Training?

Resistance is futile. At least that’s what the Borg told Captain Picard, as the crew of the Enterprise faced the possible end of mankind. But what these robots failed to mention is that resistance can actually be your friend, especially when it comes to strength training. Strength training can be done almost anywhere using body … Read More

Should You Get A Safety Evaluation?

A safety evaluation can make your life a whole lot easier and help to ensure your company operates more smoothly, efficiently and safely. For members of SafetyDriven – Trucking Safety Council of BC safety evaluations are free.  You are already a SafetyDriven-TSCBC member if your Classification Unit, or “CU” is General Trucking (732019) or Moving … Read More

New Joint Committee Resources Now Available

WorkSafeBC – Vancouver New resources for joint committees and worker health and safety representatives are now available: An online course for worker health and safety representatives(4 hours) A joint health and safety committee evaluation tool and accompanying guide Joint health and safety committee resources for trainers The new resources relate to changes to the Occupational … Read More

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