Slow and Steady Isn’t as Safe as You Might Think!

Have you ever noticed how often drivers insist on staying in the fast lane but aren’t keeping the posted speed limit? They probably think that they are driving safely and seem completely oblivious to the traffic backing up behind them. They are actually creating potentially serious driving hazards. Think about the times you’ve been stuck … Read More

What Is Safety?

We use the word ‘safety’ a lot but do we really understand what it means? If you look in the dictionary it says that, “safety is the freedom from risk of harm or danger”.  That sounds pretty good, but then we go and confuse things by having different kinds of safety. Think about it.  We … Read More

Contractor Management – How To Do Better

No one survives in business without having to rely on contractors outside their own company for some services. In many cases almost the entire operation is contracted to owner operators, service providers, and occasional maintenance or repair contractors. Let’s look at some of the activities where a good outside Contractor Management Program can pay off. … Read More

Federally Regulated Workplace Committees

Legislation is never an easy subject when you are a compliance and safety manager within a workplace. There are certain standards that apply to employee health and safety, a different set of legislation that applies to maintaining equipment, and another set of rules for going over the border. Federally regulated employers that have 20 or … Read More

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