New Joint Committee Resources Now Available

WorkSafeBC – Vancouver New resources for joint committees and worker health and safety representatives are now available: An online course for worker health and safety representatives(4 hours) A joint health and safety committee evaluation tool and accompanying guide Joint health and safety committee resources for trainers The new resources relate to changes to the Occupational … Read More

Slow and Steady Isn’t as Safe as You Might Think!

Have you ever noticed how often drivers insist on staying in the fast lane but aren’t keeping the posted speed limit? They probably think that they are driving safely and seem completely oblivious to the traffic backing up behind them. They are actually creating potentially serious driving hazards. Think about the times you’ve been stuck … Read More

What Is Safety?

We use the word ‘safety’ a lot but do we really understand what it means? If you look in the dictionary it says that, “safety is the freedom from risk of harm or danger”.  That sounds pretty good, but then we go and confuse things by having different kinds of safety. Think about it.  We … Read More

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