So You Want To Be A Professional Driver This Summer

Many trucking jobs are seasonal in nature, especially during the spring and summer. Some of these jobs are in the food industry and involve the delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables in BC’s interior. Some are in the moving industry and still others are in the furniture and appliance industry. Let’s look at the requirements … Read More

Good News On Winter Driving As Minister of Transport Visits BC’s Peace Country

Where better to go to discuss winter driving than the part of the province still locked in the depths of winter? While southern parts of BC are hoping the winter of 2018 is permanently in the rear-view mirror, many professional drivers in Northern and Central BC are still faced with winter driving conditions and set … Read More

National Safety Code – Having a Process for the Paperwork Requirements

The National Safety Code has sixteen standards that have to be followed by National Safety Code (NSC)-compliant carriers. The paperwork has to be maintained, including having a process for the paperwork. Getting the Hours of Services logs submitted and trip inspection reports audited on time are part of the requirements of the NSC. There is … Read More

‘Safety is not a department, it’s a way of life’

Source: Discussing safety as a core value at the Truckload Carriers Association. KISSIMMEE, Fla. — A good record on safety is no accident. It takes a combination of commitment, planning, and action. That was a central theme during a Truckload Carriers Association presentation by Wendell Erb, president and CEO of Erb International; Greer Woodruff, … Read More

Best Time to Chain Up Tires Is Before You Get Stuck

Like all manual material handling (MMH) tasks, tire chain up must be assessed for the potential of musculoskeletal injuries. Mus·cu·lo·skel·e·tal WHAT? If you are wondering what the term musculoskeletal means, it’s okay. We have a blog that explains more on that term and its application to our industry. Have a read here. The term is … Read More

Sleep Well To Stay Healthy

Sleep deprivation, fatigue and drowsiness contribute to trucking accidents on BC roads every year. Many instances of drivers lacking sufficient sleep come down to pressures of the job and choices made by drivers and management about driver health. Managing work schedules is often one of the best starting points in helping drivers stay awake and … Read More

Free and Reduced-Rate CCOHS Courses for SafetyDriven Members

In our continuing efforts to increase the value of membership, SafetyDriven has made it possible for members to gain access to over 80 courses offered through the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS). The courses are available to SafetyDriven members at the discounted rate of $10/seat. SafetyDriven is also providing members 20 free … Read More

National Safety Code – Standard 13: Trip Inspection Reports

If there was a National Safety Code problem for record keepers, it would pre- and post-trip inspections. The driver may hand in the reports regularly and they may even appear to be completed properly, but was the pre-trip inspection actually done or was it just completed on paper/log? Now this is not necessarily a problem … Read More

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