Danger Zones

Source: Today’ Workplace hazards are not limited to on-road threats It can happen without warning – a previously unseen hazard makes itself known with tragic results. For one Woodstock, Ont. driver, that happened when a routine unloading turned deadly April 30. The 47-year-old was moving granite countertops out of his truck at a Kitchener supply … Read More

Are You Ready For The Heat?

While the rest of the country is planting its first seeds in the summer garden, BC has already had a couple of heat waves. Heat Wave Hits Metro Vancouver Another heat wave extends the threat of flooding in B.C. Tourism operators and sunscreen manufacturers may get excited when heat waves are predicted, responsible trucking operators … Read More

Why Mentorship Matters

Source: The concept of mentorship is not new. It is how age-old artisanal crafts and skills have been passed on through generations; it is the heart of the apprenticeship learning model; and it is cited most often by successful people as a key factor in their accomplishments. In trucking and logistics we have many … Read More

Health and Safety in The Workplace is Everyone’s Responsibility

Source: On March 1, 2017, a supervisor for a Canadian utility company was fined $28,000 for the 2014 workplace fatality of a lineman who was electrocuted by a broken power line that had not been rendered safe. While the supervisor argued that the worker should have taken the necessary precautions and that the employer … Read More

Don’t Become “Just the Safety Person”/ ‘ਸਿਰਫ਼ ਸੁਰੱਖਿਆ ਵਿਅਕਤੀ’ ਹੀ ਨਾ ਬਣੋ

I use this term a little tongue in cheek because safety in trucking is often an extension of a different function. The HR person gets to deal with safety because there is no one else. Alternatively, one of the managers takes it on as a sideline project to make sure the obvious is getting dealt … Read More

Solve Workplace Issues by Giving Them the Right Information

Let’s assume you are a member of a workplace joint committee. You already understand your role within the committee as either an employee representative or a management representative. You also understand that the committee as a whole is working together to determine solutions to workplace health and safety issues (by solutions I mean corrective measures). … Read More

Safety Talks are a Tremendous Opportunity to Drive Home the Safety Message

Safety Talks (sometime referred to as Toolbox Talks or Tailgate Meetings) are brief, informal safety meetings which focus on safety topics related to a specific job that can highlight hazards and remind workers of the importance of working safely. Typically about 5 – 10 minutes long, Safety Talks can focus on issues such as workplace … Read More

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