Are You Ready For The Heat?

While the rest of the country is planting its first seeds in the summer garden, BC has already had a couple of heat waves. Heat Wave Hits Metro Vancouver Another heat wave extends the threat of flooding in B.C. Tourism operators and sunscreen manufacturers may get excited when heat waves are predicted, responsible trucking operators … Read More

What to Eat at a Truck Stop

Source: When broken down, there’s two sides to getting healthy: knowing what to do, and actually following through with it. I work with drivers all the time who tell me they’re ready to get healthy, they just don’t know what they should actually be eating, especially when on the road with limited time and … Read More

Summer is Coming – How to Protect Yourself from UVA Rays

Yeah, okay, so it doesn’t really feel much like summer right now with this overly cold and rainy April we’ve been experiencing, but if the idiom is true, April showers will give way to May flowers (hopefully!). With warmer weather comes lighter clothes; shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops, and days at the beach, pool or on … Read More

My Dog is My Co-pilot

Dogs and trucks: for many, it’s a match made in heaven. Drivers with canine companions can’t imagine life on the road without their best buddies. If you’re thinking you might like to have a dog in your passenger seat, you’ll be happy to know that travelling with a dog doesn’t just make you feel good—it’s … Read More

Sleep Well To Stay Healthy

Sleep deprivation, fatigue and drowsiness contribute to trucking accidents on BC roads every year. Many instances of drivers lacking sufficient sleep come down to pressures of the job and choices made by drivers and management about driver health. Managing work schedules is often one of the best starting points in helping drivers stay awake and … Read More