Turns Out, A Horrifying Number of People Use Their Phones While Driving Aarian Marshall: 04.17.17 EVERYONE KNOWS DISTRACTED driving is dangerous. Everyone knows it’s happening, and that it’s responsible for deaths on American roads. But when it comes to specifics, the knowledge runs dry. Exactly how many people are looking at their phones or whatever else instead of the road? How many of those distractions lead … Read More

Racking Regulations Update CMHDS

RACKING REGULATIONS UPDATE WorkSafeBC announced this week that the new Racking Regulations will be coming into effect on January 1, 2018. To view the regulations and supporting material please click the link below. In order to support the implementation of these regulations the CMHDS will be hosting a meeting this fall where WorkSafeBC staff will … Read More

Safety Tip: Driving Near Farm Equipment

April 24, 2017 Automotive Fleet Magazine Temperatures are warming and America’s farmers are returning to the fields to plant crops. That means fleet drivers are more likely to encounter slow-moving farm equipment on roads, particularly in rural areas. “Drivers need to keep their guard up throughout the planting, growing and harvesting seasons by reducing speed … Read More

The Importance of Orientation

Starting a new job can be challenging and intimidating. Whether a new hire has experience in the industry or at your company, or is new to trucking, their experience during orientation can go on to shape the rest of their career. An orientation is your first chance to talk to new hires. Any rules and … Read More

Myth Busters – Wildlife collisions don’t just happen!

As Spring approaches, the frequency of wildlife encounters along our highways will increase. Whether it is a bear, lynx, deer, elk or moose, most commercial drivers have experienced a close call with wildlife. It is generally accepted that collisions with wildlife are non-preventable, that drivers could not have done anything to avoid colliding with the … Read More

Compliance for Drivers

The National Safety Code (NSC) has four specific areas of enforcement and all company safety policies fall under one of these areas: Driver Safety Plan Vehicle Safety Plan Hours of Services Safety Plan A Plan for all Safety Considerations The driver has the responsibility to ensure that all these areas of the National Safety Code … Read More

Truck Drivers are Needed for Paid Research Study

Hey truck drivers! This one’s for you. The Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Lab at Simon Fraser University is looking for professional drivers for paid research. Study details: The Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Lab at SFU are recruiting professional drivers for research relating to fatigue and driving safety. Participants would be required to record some of … Read More

Every Second Counts!

The last thing on our mind, when we get into our vehicle is that we will be involved in a motor vehicle crash. Incidents do happen and they can occur in the blink of an eye. When these incidents involve other vehicles, what we do immediately after the crash, can be critical in resolving liability … Read More

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