Summer is Coming – How to Protect Yourself from UVA Rays

Yeah, okay, so it doesn’t really feel much like summer right now with this overly cold and rainy April we’ve been experiencing, but if the idiom is true, April showers will give way to May flowers (hopefully!). With warmer weather comes lighter clothes; shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops, and days at the beach, pool or on … Read More

My Dog is My Co-pilot

Dogs and trucks: for many, it’s a match made in heaven. Drivers with canine companions can’t imagine life on the road without their best buddies. If you’re thinking you might like to have a dog in your passenger seat, you’ll be happy to know that travelling with a dog doesn’t just make you feel good—it’s … Read More

National Safety Code – Standard 13: Trip Inspection Reports

If there was a National Safety Code problem for record keepers, it would pre- and post-trip inspections. The driver may hand in the reports regularly and they may even appear to be completed properly, but was the pre-trip inspection actually done or was it just completed on paper/log? Now this is not necessarily a problem … Read More

Being Ready for Crossing the Border

The National Safety Code mostly pertains to Canadian regulations, but a lot of our regulations come from the USA’s Code of Federal Regulations. Many Canadian carriers have to cross the line frequently and are expected to be operating legally on both sides of the border. This means maintaining NSC hours on the Canadian side and … Read More

Auditing Trip Inspection Reports

Trip inspection written reports have to be completed on vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of 14,600kgs or more and buses with ten or more passengers. All drivers and vehicles that are National Safety Code-registered must conduct pre-trip inspections of the vehicles daily. The vehicles that are under 14,600kgs or buses with fewer than ten … Read More

3 charts that show causes of avoided collisions in the waste industry

Cody Boteler@codyboteler  Nov. 27, 2017 While injury rates for collection workers were down in the latest annual data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job is still a dangerous one. Incidents on the road are still too common — but having more data on what caused them can help drivers and supervisors figure … Read More

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