Look out Prince George, here we come again!

2018’s Speaker Series on Health and Safety conference was a great success so we’re headed back! This year we’ve added an additional speaker, a post-conference course on Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee, and moved the venue to The Coast Prince George Hotel. We’ve invited Linda Edgecombe, Hall of Fame speaker and award winning philanthropist, … Read More

Creating a National Safety Code Safety Plan

The National Safety Code plan will contain four components as follows: Drivers Vehicles Hours of Service Safety Plan The Safety Plan must be the working plan of the company. It must include all components of managing drivers, including the hiring process and how the competency of the drivers is determined when the driver is hired. … Read More

Mechanics: Making Everything Go

Imagine for a moment the vast network of mechanized transport around the globe: large trucks, buses, trains, airplanes, ships, all humming along purposefully. Now remove from that world all of the heavy duty equipment mechanics. Things don’t looks so rosy anymore. Without each of their specialized maintenance yards and repair facilities, those powerful machines are … Read More

National Safety Code – Driver’s Abstracts Part 2

All National Safety Code employers must have a driver’s abstract on board prior to offering any employment for National Safety Code (NSC) duties (driving an NSC compliant vehicle – over 5,000 kgs, or a bus or public transportation vehicle). The employer is further required to obtain a new abstract from each employee every 12 months … Read More

Drive Distracted Much?

By now most of us know that drinking a coffee or eating while driving can result in a big fine and six demerit points. Is the RCMP going a bit overboard with this?  Absolutely not!  Let’s discuss this. According to the RCMP website: Eating and drinking; playing loud music; personal grooming and not securing objects … Read More

National Safety Code: Complying vs. Operating

The National Safety Code came into enforcement on April 1, 1990. This was 29 years ago and there are still a lot of drivers struggling to comply. There is a difference between complying and operating with the National Safety Code. This means that the National Safety Code is a set of rules for fleet operation … Read More

Every Second Counts!

The last thing on our mind, when we get into our vehicle is that we will be involved in a motor vehicle crash. Incidents do happen and they can occur in the blink of an eye. When these incidents involve other vehicles, what we do immediately after the crash, can be critical in resolving liability … Read More

Back on Track: Preventing Backing Accidents

“I’m new to this and I’m having a really hard time backing up the trailer. It’s my kryptonite—I can’t seem to grasp it. I don’t know why but I’m almost to the point of walking away….” This comment appeared in an online forum for professional drivers. The writer is not alone. Many authorities agree that … Read More

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