ATRI: What Makes Younger Drivers Safe?

August 9, 2017 – The American Transportation Research Institute released the phase one findings of its research into whether safe younger drivers can be identified through certain characteristics – a key step in developing ways for trucking companies to be able to hire younger drivers in the face of a driver shortage. The research … Read More

The 4 Stages of Investigating an Incident (and Why You Should Care)

As an employer you are responsible for investigating certain incidents or near-misses that take place in the workplace and submitting an investigation report to WorkSafeBC.  These investigations help employers like you and WorkSafeBC determine why an incident happened and what can be done to prevent similar situations in the future. Before we delve into the … Read More

Taking Tires for a Test Drive

Tire testing takes planning, dedication, patience, and much more time than you’d expect. July 2017, – Department by Jim Park, Equipment Editor If you want to test drive some new tires before you buy — and who wouldn’t — be prepared to invest significant time and energy in the project. You need patience to … Read More

Tools for Employing Newcomers

Free guides and online resources respond to resettlement of Syrian refugees, and apply to anyone who employs newcomers. Trucking HR Canada December 16, 2015 Trucking HR Canada has today unveiled a series of free resources for fleets looking to employ newcomers to Canada such as Syrian refugees. Your Guide to Human Resources: Module 4 offers information … Read More

CMV Driving Tips – Too Fast for Conditions

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) March 31, 2015 This is a condensed version of the FMCSA’s article.  To see the entire publication, including videos, references and training exercises, please view on the FMCSA’s website. Driving too fast for conditions is defined as traveling at a speed that is greater than a reasonable standard for … Read More

NSC: Vehicle Safety Plans

The National Safety Code has 4 required areas of enforcement Drivers Vehicles Hours of Service Safety Requirements Vehicle Maintenance: Selecting the proper vehicles and properly maintaining them can “make or break” a trucking company. Companies have to select the right vehicles for their business and have to consider issues such as hauling capacity, fuel efficiency, … Read More

So, you think you can drive distracted?

Lionel Johnston, Corporate Marketing Manager, Bison Transport Whether you are a professional truck driver or just part of the general motoring public, distracted driving is probably something we’ve all done, likely even without thinking about it. Some common examples of distracted driving are when you’re heading down the highway and your phone buzzes: it’s your … Read More

Accommodating the Use of Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

Trucking HR Canada – Avoiding discrimination on the basis of disability As the use of medical marijuana becomes more prevalent, employers are encouraged to place a high priority on ensuring they meet their legal obligations towards employees requiring the use of medical marijuana, and, in particular, their duties towards such employees. Accommodating medical marijuana … Read More

Driver Visual Awareness Slows During Conversations A new study from the University of Iowa concludes that drivers engaged in a conversation — either over the phone or with a passenger — are slower to recognize and respond to a new object in their field of view. A conversation creates an “attention disengagement” lag, researchers found, which affects the driver’s ability … Read More

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