The Importance Of Being COR Certified

What does being COR certified mean? COR stands for Certificate of Recognition and employers need health and safety programs that meet industry standards in order to qualify. Below, I’ve listed some of the benefits COR certified companies enjoy. COR shows that your company is an industry leader in health and safety. COR certified companies take … Read More

What’s that called?

Reprinted from February 19, 2016 Did you know that the COR program is also called the Partners Program? Technically, it’s called the Partners in Injury and Disability Prevention Program. WorkSafeBC has a division of employees that administer the Partners Program, and provide oversight for all of the certifying partners in BC, who in turn administer … Read More

SafetyDriven-TSCBC announces the appointment of Michelle Byun to the position of COR Advisor

SafetyDriven -TSCBC is pleased to announce the appointment of Michelle Byun to the position of Certificate of Recognition (COR) Advisor, where she will administer the council’s Certificate of Recognition Program. Michelle will further strengthen our team of safety professionals as our organization strives for continuous improvement and further the success of our COR Program. Michelle … Read More

A Matter of Timing

What’s that I hear? Can it be? It sounds like… Nooooooooooo… Christmas music. Yup. Halloween has been packed up and it’s ho, ho, ho all the way to the end of the year. Now, the end of the year is a special time for COR too. No doubt COR runs on a three-year cycle and … Read More

Means to an End – Audit Techniques

This blog is about audit techniques. You know… ones like the kihon document ploy, ushiro observation stance, and lest we forget, the Domo Arigato interview exit strategy. Seriously though. Auditing isn’t just grabbing an audit tool and going at it. Auditing is a process. It is the real-world application of a concept. As such, the … Read More

The Trinity

Auditing. So many questions. And they repeat. One asks whether you can locate a particular document. The next asks if you can see it posted. And another asks you to ask some other people if they know about the document and where it’s posted. Sometimes auditing feels a bit circular, and there’s a reason for … Read More

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