What Standard Is Your Company Meeting?

The COR audit is a voluntary standard. Achieving COR certification indicates that a company’s Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) is functioning at a level sufficient to pass the COR audit. Typically, certification also indicates that a company’s HSMS is functioning above the minimum level required by either the Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Health … Read More

Let Us Know

Imagine you worked at a Certifying Partner, let’s say SafetyDriven. You have an assemblage of COR certified companies in a database and you track each company’s status and progress as the year progresses. You also accumulate and store all of the documentation associated with each company’s annual COR audit. That sounds reasonably straightforward, but in … Read More

Healthy Drivers are Safer Drivers – Right?

There is a lot of talk in commercial trucking these days about driver wellness. You’ve heard it; phrases such as ‘sitting is the new smoking’, or ‘drivers have terrible diets’. It’s important to remember that these phrases are often just that, talk, and often lack any solid evidence behind them. For instance; not all drivers … Read More

Congratulations to Our New COR Certified Companies!

Congratulations to our new COR certified companies: Par Bhullar Trucking Ltd. and Stk’Emlupsemc – Arrow Transportation Limited!  Both have achieved a Certificate of Recognition through SafetyDriven – Trucking Safety Council of BC! The Certificate of Recognition, or COR, acknowledges the long established truck dealership’s commitment to workplace safety. The Certification of Recognition is an initiative … Read More

Getting SAFE Just Got Easier

If you work in or around the forest industry you are probably aware of the SAFE Companies certification.  SAFE requires companies to meet a pre-qualification to an established safety standard before they can work in the forest sector.  This is good news for safety in the forest industry. But it can be challenging for many … Read More

Safeguarding Your Investment

You are your own boss. You own your rig and bid for contracts, you do the driving, paperwork, taxes … As you wear all the hats at your small business, what are you doing to stay safe? If you get hurt, so does your business. You would be amazed at the people who think they … Read More

COR – Don’t Let The Details Get You

Did you know that there are processes and deadlines associated with COR, and it is important you understand and follow them? You could put your certification at risk without realizing it, simply by missing a few COR details, such as dropping a process or missing a deadline associated with a COR audit. All it could … Read More

What Will Make You Decide To Get COR?

One of the big questions employers face is: should safety come before productivity? COR certified Companies might just answer ‘both.’ Let’s explore why. COR companies often see the benefit of: Reduced exposure to fines, or legal action Cost savings through loss reduction Improved productivity and efficiency Enhanced reputation with stakeholders While workers often see: Fewer … Read More

The Audit Cycle – Keeping Your COR

The COR audit runs on a three year cycle and has several points where timing is key. Initial certification is in year one. Years two and three are maintenance audits. The cycle starts over in year four with a re-certification audit. Maintenance audits allow some flexibility in timing but must have at least six months … Read More

The Importance Of Being COR Certified

What does being COR certified mean? COR stands for Certificate of Recognition and employers need health and safety programs that meet industry standards in order to qualify. Below, I’ve listed some of the benefits COR certified companies enjoy. COR shows that your company is an industry leader in health and safety. COR certified companies take … Read More

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