SafetyDriven – TSCBC is pleased to announce the appointment of Earl Galavan to the position of COR Manager. Earl joined SafetyDriven in March 2012 as an Occupational Health and Safety Advisor. Earl brings a wealth of experience in safety systems and program development and has coached numerous companies towards their Certificate of Recognition (COR). He … Read More

The Importance Of Being COR Certified

What does being COR certified mean? COR stands for Certificate of Recognition and employers need health and safety programs that meet industry standards in order to qualify. Below, I’ve listed some of the benefits COR certified companies enjoy. COR shows that your company is an industry leader in health and safety. COR certified companies take … Read More

Slow and Steady Isn’t as Safe as You Might Think!

Have you ever noticed how often drivers insist on staying in the fast lane but aren’t keeping the posted speed limit? They probably think that they are driving safely and seem completely oblivious to the traffic backing up behind them. They are actually creating potentially serious driving hazards. Think about the times you’ve been stuck … Read More

Compliance for Drivers

The National Safety Code (NSC) has four specific areas of enforcement and all company safety policies fall under one of these areas: Driver Safety Plan Vehicle Safety Plan Hours of Services Safety Plan A Plan for all Safety Considerations The driver has the responsibility to ensure that all these areas of the National Safety Code … Read More

With Growth Comes Opportunity

Due to an internal promotion, SafetyDriven – TSCBC is hiring an Occupational Health & Safety Advisor! This is a full time, permanent position located in Langley. Here’s an excerpt from the posting: We are seeking an Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Advisor who will provide advisory services to our employer members and related industries including: … Read More

Truck Drivers are Needed for Paid Research Study

Hey truck drivers! This one’s for you. The Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Lab at Simon Fraser University is looking for professional drivers for paid research. Study details: The Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Lab at SFU are recruiting professional drivers for research relating to fatigue and driving safety. Participants would be required to record some of … Read More

Every Second Counts!

The last thing on our mind, when we get into our vehicle is that we will be involved in a motor vehicle crash. Incidents do happen and they can occur in the blink of an eye. When these incidents involve other vehicles, what we do immediately after the crash, can be critical in resolving liability … Read More

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