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Let Us Know

Imagine you worked at a Certifying Partner, let’s say SafetyDriven. You have an assemblage of COR certified companies in a database and you track each company’s status and progress as the year progresses. You also accumulate and store all of the documentation associated with each company’s annual COR audit. That sounds reasonably straightforward, but in … Read More

We Have The Tools You Need

Have you checked through SafetyDriven’s Manager and Supervisor tools lately? SafetyDriven launched this campaign in 2017, and it warrants a closer look. Manager and supervisors have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, the biggest one being how to keep their workers safe. The most effective way to do this is by utilizing the tools … Read More

Have You Ever Been?

Cargo Logistics Canada is coming to the Vancouver Convention Centre this week from February 6 – 8. Claimed as the biggest Multimodal Expo in North America, you’ll find anything and everything to do with air, sea, rail, road cargo logistics, material handling, distribution, and warehousing on the tradeshow floor. Once again SafetyDriven will be attending … Read More

13th Annual WorkSafeBC Student Safety Video Contest Underway

What does it mean to listen to your gut at work? That’s the theme WorkSafeBC wants high school students to explore in the 2018 Student Safety Video Contest. Students are invited to create a two-minute video that looks at trusting one’s instincts when something doesn’t feel safe at work. The 13th annual video contest offers … Read More

Applications Sought: Board of Directors, SafetyDriven – Trucking Safety Council of BC

SafetyDriven – TSCBC is currently accepting applications for our Board of Directors. If you are passionate about workplace and commercial vehicle safety and have governance and/or management experience and are currently employed by a company within the WorkSafeBC Classification Units – General Trucking (CU 732019) or Moving & Storage (CU 732030) or a related trucking … Read More

The Current Landscape

A Roadmap for Canada’s Trucking Employers to Recruit and Retain Millennials Canada’s trucking and logistics industry is filled with companies that are always on the lookout for fresh talent. The industry offers Millennials great opportunities to build a career in one of the most critical sectors of the country’s economy. As the Baby Boomer … Read More

Mentorship Program

There are several perks to being a member of SafetyDriven – TSCBC. Take the mentorship program for example. SafetyDriven advisors are industry experts and offer you their knowledge and experience for free and in confidence. SafetyDriven advisors are ready to answer questions from employers, managers, and owner-operators. Below are some of the benefits of our … Read More

Drive Distracted Much?

By now most of us know that drinking a coffee or eating while driving can result in a big fine and six demerit points. Is the RCMP going a bit overboard with this?  Absolutely not!  Let’s discuss this. According to the RCMP website: Eating and drinking; playing loud music; personal grooming and not securing objects … Read More