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Kidde Recalls 40 Million Faulty Fire Extinguishers, Some Used on Trucks

At least one death has been blamed on defective plastic valves and handles. Nov 27, 2017  Two styles of Kidde plastic handle and push-button Pindicator fire extinguishers made between 1973 and 2017 have been recalled. These units incorporate black plastic nylon valves that may degrade over time, and may result in the valve spontaneously … Read More

3 charts that show causes of avoided collisions in the waste industry

Cody Boteler@codyboteler  Nov. 27, 2017 While injury rates for collection workers were down in the latest annual data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job is still a dangerous one. Incidents on the road are still too common — but having more data on what caused them can help drivers and supervisors figure … Read More

Still Distracted?

We talked about distracted driving not too long ago but with the recent changes announced, if you have not put that cell phone in the glove box while driving in B.C., you may want to do so now.  Now, two distracted driving offenses in a three-year-period could cost you up to $2000.00. It seems that … Read More

Easy Guide to Cardio Training

By Daniel Palmer on November 1, 2017 Some guys have a bad habit of spending way too much time on weights, and not nearly enough time on the treadmill. We get it – you want to max your workout time, and a half hour on the bike or rowing machine sometimes just doesn’t feel … Read More

Mechanics risk exposure to asbestos

Asbestos is the number one killer of workers in B.C. It’s a naturally occurring fibre once prized for its heat-resistant properties. Manufacturers used it in thousands of building materials from the 1950s to 1990s, as well as in auto parts such as gaskets, water pumps, valve covers, and insulated wiring. When materials that contain asbestos … Read More

How to Get Drunk, Not Fat

By Adam Bisby on November 7, 2017 We’ve all been there: you just spent a couple hours at the pub, and on the walk home some kind of invisible force pulls you, kicking and screaming, toward a 24-hour pizzeria, fast-food restaurant or hot dog stand. OK, maybe it was your late-night appetite that practically … Read More

Got Them Apps?

Parking used to be a pain in the behind for truckers. As technology has gotten better over the years, it has improved the lives of truck drivers. Some apps one can download are simply brilliant. Take, for example, the Park My Truck App and the Trucker Path App. Both can be downloaded from the App … Read More

Are Your Tires up to the Job?

October 2017, – Department by Jack Roberts, Senior Editor Nothing matters more than proper air pressure when it comes to getting optimal service life out of your tires. But all the air pressure checks in the world aren’t going to do any good if you’re running the wrong tire for the type of work … Read More