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Work-related Motor Vehicle Crashes Leading Cause of Traumatic Workplace Deaths in B.C.

Source: WorkSafeBC Work-related motor vehicle crashes leading cause of traumatic workplace deaths in B.C. Take action March 5 – 9 – Road Safety At Work Week Richmond, BC / February 20, 2018 – Work-related motor vehicle incidents (MVIs) account for 33 per cent of all work-related traumatic deaths in British Columbia, making it the leading … Read More

Glug, Glug and You’re Done!

Source: Sometimes your airbags don’t inflate or the brakes don’t release in freezing temperatures. It could be that your brake shoes are frozen to the drum or that an air line or air valve is frozen somewhere – and that’s an easy fix. Start by draining the liquid out of your air tanks, which … Read More

What Standard Is Your Company Meeting?

The COR audit is a voluntary standard. Achieving COR certification indicates that a company’s Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) is functioning at a level sufficient to pass the COR audit. Typically, certification also indicates that a company’s HSMS is functioning above the minimum level required by either the Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Health … Read More

WorkSafeBC says Employers Need Avalanche Protection Plan for Backcountry Workers

Source: RICHMOND, B.C. – Employers in British Columbia have been warned they need to develop plans to keep their workers safe from avalanches. WorkSafeBC, the provincial occupational health and safety authority, tells employers in a news release that workers in the backcountry, including self-employed workers, face a potential risk of serious injury in what … Read More

Slowing Down During Severe Weather

This winter the weather has been crazy to say the least. Conditions change on a dime and your driving needs to as well. Professional drivers tend to be aware of the need to take extra care during difficult driving conditions, but it is worth refreshing our knowledge about the special care which must be taken … Read More

Knowledge, Commitment All That’s Needed To Be A Healthy Trucker

Source: MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — It takes just two things to live a healthy life as a professional driver: knowledge and commitment. That was the message from an inspiring panel discussion on driver health and wellness, held at this week’s Driving for Profit seminar. Andrea Morley, a nutritionist with NAL Insurance’s Healthy Trucker program, said … Read More

SafetyDriven 2017 Highlights

The first month of 2018 is behind us and it’s promising to be a good year. Let’s catch you up on some proud moments of 2017. Honours Last year, SafetyDriven honoured five companies for their commitment to keeping their workers and workplaces safe from injury, illness, and disease. 1) Phoenix Truck & Crane (they won … Read More

Why we need Women with Drive

by Isabelle Hétu ( The topic of women in the workforce has been, and continues to be, a trending topic. Our representation in trucking shadows our male counterparts: federal labor statistics show that women comprise just 27% of the transportation workforce. Of this 27%, 18% are senior managers and 15% are supervisors. Overall, women represent … Read More

Workers’ Compensation for Interjurisdictional Motor Carriers

Interjurisdictional truck or motor coach operations also registered as employers with WorkSafeBC are reminded that: (1) WorkSafeBC has an Alternative Assessment Procedure that simplifies coverage for BC drivers operating into other provinces (apply by February 28); but (2) BC carriers with drivers who live in other provinces must also register those drivers with the workers’ … Read More