Distractions May Cause a Lapse in COR Certification

Our general blog theme this week is distractions.

Now I ruminated for a while and determined that I couldn’t come up with a whole lot of specific distractions that relate to COR. The ruminating was tough though. I have a to-do list idling in the back of my mind, and there was quite a bit of hubbub and hullabaloo in the office about the events and successful outcomes at a recent conference. You could say I was distracted.

After a while though, a sliver of an idea formed in my mind. A lapsed certification.

Occasionally, companies lose their COR certification because they don’t submit a maintenance audit. It is also possible to lose certification by not submitting a re-certification audit, but that is rare.  Either way, not submitting an audit causes a loss of certification.

How does that work?

The COR audit runs on a three-year cycle:2016-06-03_13-18-06

Certification -> M1 -> M2 -> Re-certification. Once an employer achieves COR certification, the cycle must remain unbroken. Audits must be completed and submitted, like clockwork, year after year. Any lapse in annual audit submission leads to a lapse in certification.

Now, we do our best to send employers reminders that they have a maintenance or re-certification audit deadline upcoming. That being said, COR is a voluntary program, and employers need to track their audit deadline dates. Part of having a health and safety management system is tracking expiry dates and other critical deadlines. COR expiry dates should be part of that process.

Sometimes employers are so busy keeping the business an ongoing enterprise they forget about the impending deadline and don’t submit an audit. They become distracted by the hullabaloo and hubbub of daily operations and overlook longer-term needs.

The takeaway is; develop a system to track expiry dates and send out or trigger reminders that an impending date is approaching. Don’t rely on memory or happenstance to meet critical dates. Business and life in general is complicated. It’s easy to get distracted.

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Reprinted from June, 2016

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